Going Green: Make the most of your green space and enjoy it

With the clocks changing shortly, now’s the time to start thinking about your garden or outside space or even your window sill.
Enjoying time out in the garden. Photo: AdobeEnjoying time out in the garden. Photo: Adobe
Enjoying time out in the garden. Photo: Adobe

While time is still on your side there are lots of things you can do whether you have a garden, a patio, a balcony or a window box to get your green fingers going and encourage nature into your space so you can enjoy it.

Firstly, have a think about planting. It can be flowers, plants or a vegetable patch and if it’s the latter, you don’t necessarily have to buy seeds. Anything you eat with seeds like butternut squash or courgettes you can remove the seeds, dry them out and then plant them yourself. When your potatoes chit – when they start to grow little white ‘roots’ or eyes – you can chop them and put each bit with an eye into the ground to grow your own spuds.

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We’ve been having weather extremes in the UK a lot due to climate change so think about drought resistant species whether that’s plants or vegetables, fruits or salads.

A water butt can be a great idea too, we often have hosepipe bans in the UK in the summer months and when the only option is a watering can, having a water butt is a great way of using rain water for free. You can search social media marketplaces and see if anyone locally is getting rid of one.

If you have children, getting them involved in making a bug hotel can really encourage wildlife into your garden and getting them to help pull out weeds or adding mulch could sew a life long interest and care in the environment.

When it comes to mulch you want an organic and peat free mulch and the same goes for compost.

We’re all looking forward to warmer and brighter evenings when the clocks change, so make the most of your green space now so you can start to enjoy it when the sun shines.