Environment agency starts work to protect Collingham from future flooding

Collingham has a history of flooding.
Collingham has a history of flooding.

Work has started to protect flood defences along the River Wharfe in Collingham, in a bid to stop a repeat of the devastating Christmas floods last year.

Environment Agency contractors are underway with work to repair approximately 40 metres of river bank adjacent to the flood defences at The Avenue, Collingham.

The work will repair the banks which were damaged by the flood at the end of 2015 and help to protect the defences in time for the winter season.

Tom Pardey, project manager at the Environment Agency said: “We are installing rock armour along the base of the bank, where the material was washed away during the Boxing Day floods. We’ll then reinstate the bank behind it.

"We apologise for any disruption or noise this may cause residents on the Kingfisher estate and the Avenue, and thank them for their understanding and cooperation while we complete this crucial work.

“This work is one of many projects we’ve been doing along the Wharfe to repair damage done by floods and get our defences back to standard for the winter season.”

The repair works are part of the Environment Agency’s asset repair programme, put in place to repair the region’s flood defences which were damaged by the Christmas floods.

Officers have checked 8,500 assets and cleared obstructions such as collapsed bridges, buildings, thousands of tonnes of gravel, debris and vehicles from rivers to reduce further flood risk at 150 locations.

Since the Christmas floods, the Environment Agency has also carried out bank repairs on Millbeck Green in Collingham as well as reviewed and adjusted the flood warning area.

A flood warning was not issued to properties in Collingham on Boxing Day as the alarms further up the catchment were not triggered, and there was no alarm on the telemetry at Collingham to alert officers to the situation.

Since then the agency has installed an alarm that allows officers to issue a flood warning from telemetry in the Wharfe at The Avenue.

Contractors are expected to be on site at The Avenue until Friday October 28, but the agency also announced that it is working on a plan to reduce the impact of flooding across the whole of the Wharfe catchment including Tadcaster and Ulleskelf.