End for dripping bridge?

One of Harrogate’s most annoying bridges may have dripped its last.

Muddy water dripping from the “one-arch” at the end of Bower Street has been irritating pedestrians for decades.

But a motion will be placed at today’s full Harrogate Borough Council meeting, asking Network Rail to sort it out.

“It’s high time this problem was fixed,” said Coun Butterfield, (High Harrogate), who has submitted the motion with Coun Richard Cooper, (Low Harrogate).

“It’s irritating enough to find muddy drips splashing on you particularly when the rain stopped hours before.

“It’s doubly annoying if you have dressed up to go out somewhere special.”

Councillor Cooper said: “I’ve contacted Network Rail before but they simply tell me the bridge is structurally sound.

“This might be true if you are a train but it doesn’t feel true if you are a pedestrian going under the bridge and dodging the drips.

“I’m sure in engineering terms it isn’t a difficult problem to solve and I want Network Rail to give the green light to their contractors to do the repairs as soon as possible.”