Environment Agency tackles flood risks at Nidd Gorge

The footbridge across the River Nidd in Nidd Gorge.
The footbridge across the River Nidd in Nidd Gorge.

Potential flood risks have been tackled at popular nature spot Nidd Gorge.

A large build-up of heavy timber and debris under a footbridge across the River Nidd at Harorgate and Knaresborough has been cleared, helping to reduce the risk of flooding and of the bridge collapsing.

The work was carried out by a team from the Environment Agency after a call came in about the build-up on the bridge at Nidd Gorge near Scotton.

Boroughbridge maintenance firm ATM supported with clearing the timber.

Much loved by local residents, the gorge is watched over by the Woodland Trust and volunteers of Nidd Gorge Conservation Group.

Sarah Barstow, from the Environment Agency, said: “By carrying out this work we have helped to reduce the chance of the bridge being seriously damaged.

“Clearing the large heavy trees in this location has also stopped them from moving downstream and causing an increased flood risk in Knaresborough.”

Led by Andrew Gannaway, the Environment Agency team consisted of Bill Edwards, Rob Wright, Philip Marwood, Nick Saffer and Nick Pinder, with Guy Scott, Matt Hill and Jonny Harrison from ATM.

The Scotton crossing is part of the 68-acre area of woodland between Harrogate and Knaresborough which features a deep ravine with sheer, tree covered valley sides comprising mixed evergreen and deciduous trees.

Protected by the volunteers of Nidd Gorge Conservation Group and the Woodland Trust, the gorge boasts great walking and breathtaking views