Ending Loneliness campaign: "Without volunteers I wouldn't have survived" - Raymond and Stephen's story

Carers' Resource's Carers Time Off project, encourages volunteers to visit carers' homes to give them respite.

Monday, 14th November 2016, 11:53 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:21 am
Carers' Resource volunteer Stephen Caldwell and Raymond Perry.

Expressing her support for the Harrogate Advertiser’s campaign. Director of Carers’ Resource Chris Wiley, said: “Older carers can find their role extremely difficult, physically and emotionally, and at a time when they had possibly hoped to enjoy their retirement, they find they can be swamped in their caring role and struggling to take part in social activities, or look after their own needs and wellbeing.”

Carers’ Resource volunteer Stephen Caldwell takes Raymond Perry, 78, out once a month. Raymond has been married to his wife Elaine, 75, for 56 years, but while Elaine looks after and cares for Raymond, she worries that he does not have enough male company and doesn’t get out of the house enough.

Stephen said: “We get on really well together, we have a drive out, go to a café and have a cup of tea. Raymond loves it. The first time we went out we went near Menwith Hill where Ray worked as a carpenter. It brought back so many memories for him, he really enjoyed it.

“I have been very lucky with him, I am sure that I benefit as much as he does from our friendship. We just get on so well.”

Elaine said: “Ray always tells me all about what they’ve been doing when he comes back. Without volunteers I wouldn’t have survived, and one of the biggest assets is knowing that he is safe and has got someone with him.

“They met as strangers, and have become friends.”

If you would like to volunteer for Carers’ Resource, or would like the support of a volunteer, call: 01423 500555 or go to: www.carersresource.org/contact