ELECTION 2010: Full results

Following the excitement of the General Election, the local election results have been announced.

The Conservatives regained overall control of the council and now have 28 seats, while the Lib Dems have 22 and the Independents have four.

The winners were:

Bilton - Clare McKenzie, Lib Dem

Granby - John Fox, Lib Dem

Harlow Moor - Don Mackenzie, Cons

High Harrogate - Amanda Russell, Lib Dem

Hookstone - Pat Marsh, Lib Dem

Knaresborough East - Christine Willoughby, Lib Dem

Knaresborough King James - Bill Hoult, Lib Dem

Knaresborough Scriven Park - Anne Jones, Lib Dem

Low Harrogate - John Ennis, Cons

New Park - Matthew Webber, Lib Dem

Pannal - Sharon Bentley, Cons

Ripon Minster - Stuart Martin, Cons

Ripon Moorside - Andrew Williams, Ind

Ripon Spa - Alan Skidmore, Cons

Rossett - Bob Nash, Cons

Saltergate - Michael Newby, Lib Dem

Starbeck - Philip Broadbank, Lib Dem

Stray - Cliff Trotter, Cons

Woodfield - Andrew Goss, Lib Dem

Chief Reporter VICKY CARR was live at the count - see below for all the action as it unfolded.



And that's it - the Conservatives have regained control of the council by gaining one seat overall, while the Lib Dems gained one and the Independents lost two.


Low Harrogate: Conservative hold by just six votes - John Ennis had 1,355 and Lib Dem Carol Brooks had 1,349. She referred to the margin as "painful".


Here we go...


As it stands, the Conservatives now have 27 councillors, the Lib Dems have 22 and the Independents have four. This final result is all-important and means the difference between a Conservative council and no overall control.


Only one vote outstanding for Low Harrogate. It's neck-and-neck, apparently, so they're having a re-count. The seat was held by Richard Cooper but is now being contested by Carol Brooks for the Lib Dems and John Ennis for the Conservatives.


Ripon Spa: Conservative Alan Skidmore took the seat from the Independents with 1,197 after previous councillor David Parnaby stood down. Independents Sylvia Brierley and Kenn Hart with 480 respectively, and Lib Dem John Stockdale with 889.


It has all been quite friendly up to now, but Pauline McHardy chose to say she had come to congratulate winner Stuart Martin "which is more than he did for me four years ago". The crowd gathered here didn't like it much.


Ripon Minster: As expected, the Conservatives have taken the seat from Independent Pauline McHardy, who got 807 votes to Stuart Martin's 861. Paul Freeman won 665 votes for the Lib Dems and Independent Jeremy Banyard 103.


Rumour has it the Conservatives have won the two remaining Ripon seats, which means, providing they hold Low Harrogate, they will regain overall control of the council. However, Low Harrogate's previous councillor, Richard Cooper, has stepped down which makes things a little less certain.


Knaresborough Scriven Park: Anne Jones keeps her seat for the Lib Dems with exactly 1,700 votes. John Batt got 1,187 for the Conservatives.


Pannal: A possible upset has been avoided following the departure of former Conservative councillor Fred Willis. The party's new candidate, Sharon Bentley, won with 1,944 votes compared to Martin Eglese's 1,536 for the Lib Dems. Returning officer Wallace Sampson checked the pronunciation of Mr Eglese's name before reading it out, quite sensibly.

Saltergate: Yet another Lib Dem hold, this time for Michael Newby with 1,591 votes. Conservative candidate Steven Jackson had 1,196 votes.


Hookstone: Another Lib Dem hold for Pat Marsh with 2,139 votes, while Conservative Matthew Hill won 1,150.


Harlow Moor: Don Mackenzie holds for the Conservatives with 1,747 votes to Lib Dem Howard Cohen's 1,204.

Bilton: Clare McKenzie keeps her seat with 1,662 votes - and brings her son on the platform to thank him for his support. Sweet. Conservative Robin Adderley got 1,241 and Emma Utley for the BNP got 181.


The final ward is now being counted. Expect a short delay for the remainder of the results, but they'll start coming in withint the next half hour, we expect.


First of the second round of votes is in.

Ripon Moorside: Independent Andrew Williams holds with 1,477 to Lib Dem Steve Jones's 438 and Conservative Anthony Simpson's 476. Thanking his voters and helpers, Andrew Williams reflects on 20 years in office by saying: "This will probably be the last time I'm seeking re-election on Ripon Moorside ward."


The wards now being counted and their current councillors are:

Bilton - Clare McKenzie, Lib Dem

Harlow Moor - Don Mackenzie, Conservative

Hookstone - Pat Marsh, Lib Dem

Knaresborough Scriven Park - Anne Jones, Lib Dem

Low Harrogate - Richard Cooper, Cons (not standing)

Pannal - Fred Willis, Cons (not standing)

Saltergate - Michael Newby, Lib Dem

Ripon Minster - Pauline McHardy, Independent (not standing)

Ripon Moorside - Andrew Williams, Independent


Phew, that's the first round of voting done. Only one seat has changed hands - one gain for the Lib Dems from the Conservatives. Prior to the election, the Tories had 27 seats, the Lib Dems had 21 and the Independents had six. The next round of results will be interesting to see if there are any further changes.


Knaresborough East: Christine Willoughby holds for the Lib Dems with 1,678 votes to Helen McNamara's 939 for the Conservatives.

Rossett: Bob Nash returned as Conservative councillor with 2,055 compared to Philomena Noonan's 1,668 for the Lib Dems - a very high turn-out in this ward.


Woodfield: Another Lib Dem hold, this time by Andrew Goss with 1,625. Heather Adderley for the Conservaties had 774 and Steven Gill got 222 for the BNP.


Stray: Cliff Trotter holds the Conservative seat with 1,708 to Nicholas Anderson's 1,503 for the Lib Dems.


Starbeck: Philip Broadbank keeps his seat with 1,961 votes. Conservative Dennis Pinchen got 653 and BNP candidate Tracy-Ann Robinson got 166.


Results coming in thick and fast now.

Knaresborough King James: Lib Dem hold by Bill Hoult with 1,732 to Phil Ireland's 1,216 for Conservatives.

New Park: Matthew Webber holds his seat with 1,677. Conservative Neil Bentley won 973 votes.


High Harrogate: Lib Dems take High Harrogate from the Conservatives. Lydia Blakeley had 1,207 votes to Lib Dem Amanda Russell's 1,612.


Granby: John Fox re-elected for Lib Dems with 1,959 votes to Conservative Ben Johnson's 812.


First result about to be announced for Granby ward.


The adjudication has begun on Stray ward now and incumbent councillor Cliff Trotter is standing by the table with council leader Mike Gardner (whose seat is not up for election this time), looking very relaxed. Rossett ward is about to be adjudicated, which means just two wards are still counting: Knaresborough East and Knaresborough King James.


Now the adjudications of doubtful votes in High Harrogate and New Park are about to begin. Looks like they'll do all the wards before they announce anything. Oh, and now Starbeck too.


Now the adjudication for Woodfield ward has begun.


Returning officer Wallace Sampson is about to adjudicate on doubtful votes in the Granby ward (ie if it's not clear who the person has voted for). That means we're not far off our first result. Watch this space.


Just the sound of paper rustling across the room and a few people chatting away from the counting area. The candidates and their agents are allowed to be in the counting area as the work is done.

For those interested, the current councillors in the wards being counted first are:

Granby - John Fox, Lib Dem

High Harrogate - Jayne Brotherton, Cons (not standing)

Knaresborough East - Christine Willoughby, Lib Dem

Knaresborough King James - Bill Hoult, Lib Dem

New Park - Matthew Webber, Lib Dem

Rossett - Bob Nash, Cons

Starbeck - Philip Broadbank, Lib Dem

Stray - Cliff Trotter, Cons

Woodfield - Andrew Goss, Lib Dem.


The ballot boxes have been opened and counting has just started. They're doing it in stages, with nine wards in each stage. Going first are Granby, High Harrogate, Knaresborough East, Knaresborough King James, New Park, Rossett, Starbeck, Stray and Woodfield wards.


The count is due to begin at 1pm and, with all 19 seats included, will take most of the afternoon. There are numerous people with paty rosettes on and several people who look like they're just here for fun. Quite a buzz around the room - Hall Q again - as we wait for the serious business to get underway.