School of the Week: Skelton Newby Hall Primary School

NADV 1701231AM1 Skelton Newby Hall Primary School. (1701231AM1)
NADV 1701231AM1 Skelton Newby Hall Primary School. (1701231AM1)

Situated in the beautiful village of Skelton on Ure, Skelton Newby Hall CE Primary School offers its pupils an idyllic environment within which they can love to learn.

The staff and pupils embrace their motto of “Making the most of every opportunity”.

Whether watching a film crew at Newby Hall, re-enacting jousting as part of a history topic, exploring scientific principles by pressing apples or designing kites or using their mathematical skills to design a new home for the chickens, the pupils’ passion for learning and teachers’ creative delivery of the curriculum shine through.

The school’s Ofsted inspection in 2016 continued to rate it as “Good” and highlighted that the school is a “calm, purposeful and exciting learning environment”.

The Ofsted inspector was impressed by the exceptional level of care, guidance and support for all pupils and quoted a pupil who told her that “everyone here looks after everyone – it doesn’t matter how old they are”.

The school has all of the qualities that can make village schools special including a superb outside environment, small class sizes and strong sense of belonging.

What it also has is the vision and drive towards continuous improvement that are needed for children to leave primary school well educated academically, socially, morally and spiritually.

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