School of the Week: Ripon Greystone Community Primary School

Greystone Community Primary School, Ripon (1703014AM2). Photo by Adrian Murray
Greystone Community Primary School, Ripon (1703014AM2). Photo by Adrian Murray

Ripon Greystone Community Primary School is situated in the North Yorkshire city of Ripon. The school has 173 pupils on roll including the nursery. This is a significant increase from the same time last year. The school has six classes; mostly mixed age year groups.

The ethos of the school has, at its heart, a culture of mutual respect and understanding. We endeavor to create a happy, safe and secure environment whilst, at the same time, promoting high expectations of both work and behaviour.

Children are encouraged to be independent learners and have respect for property, themselves and each other. This reflects the commitment and determination of leaders to bring about high academic achievement together with the development of pupils’ social and emotional skills.

The school was inspected by Ofsted in March.

Acting head teacher Victoria Kirkman said: “Recently there have been many positive changes at Greystone, resulting in improved teaching and learning and behaviour, and welfare, across the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and carers for their continued support and hard work since September. Greystone is now officially moving towards a ‘good’ judgement.”

Comments in the Ofsted report include:

l Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action in order to become a good school.

l New systems for improving all aspects of the school have been strengthened.

l Behaviour strategies and approaches to teaching, learning and assessment are being applied consistently.

l Pupils were keen to talk about how their school is changing.

l Proactive and restorative approaches are securing sustainable change in pupils’ behaviour.

l Miss Kirkman and her staff team have improved how they support pupils and their families facing difficult circumstances.

l Evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching is accurate. As a result of improving teaching, an increasing proportion of pupils are making better progress than in 2016.

Greystone School prides itself on its community involvement. We are regulars at various events and heavily involved with Ripon City Development and Ripon Mayoral charities.

Greystone pupils support various local charities including Scuba Diving for All, Dementia Forward, The Alzheimer’s Society and have links with our local care homes and Army.

We support service children and refugee families and warmly welcome any new families looking for school placements from age three to 11.

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