RAF Menwith Hill officers teach lesson on role of police at Harrogate school

Officers from RAF Menwith Hill with pre-reception pupils at the school

Playing with emergency sirens and a chance to meet Menwith Hill police officers formed part of a Birstwith  school’s lessons on the role of the police.

Pre-reception pupils at Belmont Grosvenor School were visited by a trio of Ministry of Defence officers from RAF Menwith Hill on Thursday
(February, 8).

Donna Gray, nursery practitioner said that alongside climbing into the police car, it gave pupils the chance to ask officers about their role within the community.

She said: “There were a lot of questions from the children, it was a really interesting session for them, learning all about the role of the police.
“And they thoroughly enjoyed climbing into the police car, and sounding the loud siren.”
Along with explaining their role officers also highlighted the importance of seat belts. Following this pupils were given the chance to try out hi-visibility vets and police hats.

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