Pupil becomes headteacher for the day

Martha headteachersend
Martha headteachersend

It really was a case of the pupils taking over the school as Martha Davies took over the reins at Baldersby St James Primary School.

Martha had won the chance to run the school in a Silent Auction of Promises run by Friends of the school to raise money for new books and outdoor play equipment.

The event was a huge success, raising £1,650.

Headteacher Mark Lawn said the school would like to thank both the generous donations and the bidders who took part.

One lot, donated by the school, was for one pupil to run the school for a day. So Year 5 pupil Martha took charge.

She tried out a whole range of tasks with Headteacher Mark Lawn acting as her deputy .

Martha has sent in a report of her day which is published below.

On February 1 Martha Davies (year 5) was head teacher for the day at Baldersby St James CE Primary School, after winning the opportunity in a silent auction of promises.

When she arrived and rang the bell for the start of school she did the health and safety inspection around the school. Martha said, “I don’t know why I was so nervous about being head teacher because I am really enjoying it!”

After the inspection she planned some big events coming up in school (Big Brew & World Book Day). Next she did a lesson observation in the juniors.

Then Martha had a delicious lunch in the staff room.

After lunch she designed a poster to invite people to worship with the children on Mondays.

Next Martha set off the fire alarm for a practice. After the drill Martha did assembly on the theme of friends and this is what she had to say.

“This has been a day to remember but I couldn’t have done it with out Mr Lawn helping me out all the time and thank you to all the people who have let me be head teacher.”