Nidderdale High School and Community College school focus

With a swimming pool and extensive sports facilities, including one of the largest sports halls in Harrogate, Nidderdale High School and Community College has a lot to offer its student intake.

These extracurricular offerings are open to other schools in the community, as Nidderdale High currently has 170 students less than its maximum capacity.

Pupils at Nidderdale High School and Community College.

Pupils at Nidderdale High School and Community College.

This also means that students at Nidderdale High can access the facilities during their breaks and after school.

Headteacher Ian Simpson said: “The ethos we have at Nidderdale High School of trying to include students in activities whether it be sport, music, drama, technology, or one of the many house competitions or subject revision.

“We are unique in the respect that we are a school of just 300 students with enough facilities for many more.

“We can take 470 students, which is 94 in each year group.

“For a smaller school we have disproportionate facilities that students can always get access to, not just in lessons but during lunch times and after school.”

Beyond their attractive sporting amenities, Nidderdale High also boasts a host of impressive computer equipment, along with three science labs, and classes dedicated to practical skills like cooking and resistant materials.

Mr Simpson said: “We have outstanding facilities in art and technology which are subjects that consequently have outstanding results, and we are also very strong in sport and science.

“We have a cutting edge ICT suite and we have recently installed somewhere in the region of 65 laptops that students can access.

“We have upgraded facilities and will continue to do so.”

Outside of the classroom, students can rest assured that their pastoral needs will be taken care of.

The school has a learning support centre, a pastoral support centre, and a flexible learning zone, which Mr Simpson said ensures the needs of all students are catered for.

Nidderdale High also has strong links with the local community.

Set in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the school, founded in 1875, has occupied its green field position since 1980.

Finding itself anchored to the community is a consequence of mutual effort and the school’s enduring presence.

Mr Simpson said: “We have strong links with Bewerly Park and the local community in relation to events and activities.

“For example, a local pub called the Half Moon recently held an auction selling prized vegetables and home baking and donated £1,000 to the school which will enable us to purchase a brand new minibus shortly after Easter.”

And Nidderdale High boasts an atmosphere not typically associated with secondary education.

“It is a nice feel here, a calm and purposeful atmosphere,” Mr Simpson said.

“We know everybody’s name and all the students know all the teachers and the teaching assistants.

“We strive for excellence and aim to help all our students achieve their full potential.

“The school is a happy, vibrant place where students work hard in their academic studies and are involved in a wide range of sporting, creative, practical and social activities.

“We wish to develop in our students the ability to be creative, innovative and to work with independence and initiative so that they can prosper in the rapidly changing 21st Century.”