Nidderdale High joins prestigious alliance

Headteacher Ian Simpson at Nidderdale High School and Community College.  (140317M1f))
Headteacher Ian Simpson at Nidderdale High School and Community College. (140317M1f))

Nidderdale High School and Community College has joined the prestigious Red Kite Alliance of schools.

A partnership between eight secondary schools, primary schools, and a special school, the alliance is a collaborative scheme designed to facilitate schools working together.

The alliance also provides nationally accredited opportunities in leadership, training, support, and research to the staff in its schools, with training days often delivered jointly.

Nidderdale headteacher Ian Simpson said: “Becoming a member of Red Kite is a natural development for Nidderdale due to the proximity of other member schools.

“The Department for Education and Ofsted encourage schools to form partnerships, and the decision to become a member of Red Kite will ensure that the families in our community will have a secondary school which is progressive and ambitious in the way it provides education and support to its students.”

As a national teaching school, Harrogate Grammar School takes a lead role in the alliance.

Their leadership forms part of the government’s move to give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and development of teachers and support staff.

Harrogate Grammar headteacher and director of the Red Kite Alliance Richard Sheriff said: “Nidderdale High School and Community College is a good school and has the ambition to become even better, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them.

“We feel that the Red Kite Alliance has a lot to offer, but our partnership also has a lot to gain from the experience and skills of the staff at Nidderdale.

“We look forward to working with Nidderdale High School in the years to come.”

Other members of the Red Kite Alliance include Ikley Grammar School, Horsforth School, Rossett School, South Craven School, Prince Henry’s Grammar School, and Roundhay All Through School.

Corporate director for children and young people at North Yorkshire County Council Peter Dwyer also welcomed the addition of Nidderdale to the Red Kite Alliance.

He said: “We are increasingly seeing across the county real innovation in partnership working between schools and this is another example.

“As the North Yorkshire commission for school improvement found, genuine collaborative working between schools is key to sustained improvement in the quality of teaching and learning available to all our young people.”