Knaresborough school celebrating 50th anniversary with a trip down memory lane

A previous St Mary's Catholic Primary School fair success.
A previous St Mary's Catholic Primary School fair success.

A Knaresborough school's 50th anniversary celebrations will bring together former pupils and teachers to take a trip down memory lane and share fond memories.

The organising committee of this year's summer fair at St Mary's Catholic Primary School on July 1, 12pm to 3pm, said the event will be an emotional experience for everyone who has been a part of the school's history.

Kele Houston, a member of the Friends of St Mary's committee, who has three of her sons attending the school, said: "I expect the day is going to be a very nostalgic one for previous pupils and teachers. Most of us can remember how huge your school looked back then, only to return and discover it was never as big as you previously thought.

"I am especially looking forward to seeing people's reactions and thoughts.

"I can't wait to hear some personal stories and experiences of how the school was compared to now, and how it has changed over the last 50 years. It will be quite emotional to witness people reuniting after such a long time.

"It's particularly lovely for today's staff, pupils and parents to celebrate at an event that brings together lots of members of the community that all hold the school in common.

"Lots of St Mary's schools present parents have returned back to this area with their own children attending the school, so I think that holds something even more special for them."

The summer fair will boast a feast of attractions and activities to welcome pupils and teachers past and present, as well as the wider community and prospective pupils.

With a raffle, and plenty of stalls and games, Kele said the event will celebrate the school's close ties with the community.

She said: "The school has a very personal feel to it, and there is a real sense of community among the families who attend.

"I moved to Knaresborough in 2011, and now three of my boys are all happily contented at St Mary's."

"The committee, staff, pupils and parents at St Mary's Catholic Primary School would like to say a huge thank you for all of the continued support we receive from members of the local community, our church and local businesses.

"Without each one of you we wouldn't be able to give our school the wonderful community spirit it has."