Harrogate school contests challenge final

St Aidan's High School pupils receive their prize. Picture: John Deehan (s).
St Aidan's High School pupils receive their prize. Picture: John Deehan (s).

St Aidan’s High School pupils finished second in a prestigious national engineering contest.

Pupils contested the Institute of Engineering and technology’s (IET) Faraday Challenge Final.

Hundreds of schools entered the competition, which challenged students to create a solution to tough engineering problems.

Holly Margerison, Education Manager at the IET said: “There really has been an impressive level of talent on show throughout this year’s Faraday Challenge competition and we must congratulate every team involved.

“Students were given the opportunity to research, design and make prototype solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems.”

Keira Sewell, Challenge Leader and Judge, said: “The Faraday Challenge Final was a really great event, with three young teams showing some very impressive skill and imagination.

“Congratulations to all the teams involved throughout a very enjoyable year culminating in a fantastic final!”

The Harrogate pupils scooped a £500 prize for their efforts.

They qualified for the final after taking part in a 2012-13 Faraday Challenge Day, then becoming one of just three teams to reach the overall final.

Schools from across the district were hosted by St Aidan’s on a challenge day last year.

Challenge days are one-day science, technology, engineering and maths activities deigned for six teams of six 12-13-year-olds.

Schools are now registering for next year’s event, with the winner scooping £1,000.