Fury over Harrogate club’s school drinking games challenge

Harrogate nightclub Moko
Harrogate nightclub Moko

Harrogate nightclub Moko angered town schools and parents this week after a promotion claimed ‘school versus school drinking games’ would take place at an after-prom party scheduled to take place at the venue this Friday.

After being contacted by the Harrogate Advertiser on Wednesday, the club ensured the advert, posted online by a local promoter, was removed, distancing itself from the promoter.

Harrogate headteachers blasted as ‘irresponsible’ the promotion, which targeted students from St John Fisher, St Aidan’s, King James’s, Rossett and Ripon Grammar schools.

The advert offered ‘incredible drinks deals’, and read: “There will be School Versus School DRINKING GAMES on the night! want the chance to earn bragging rights? well here is your opportunity...”

A statement from Moko’s management read: “It was brought to the management at Moko’s attention that one of the local promoters had posted on his personal event page a sentence that stated that drinking competitions would be included as a small part of the content of an event this weekend.

“The statement was unsanctioned and removed as soon as it was noticed. It did not appear on the Moko face book or any other official advertising.

“The management at Moko have always advocated responsible and sensible drinking and no alcohol drinking competitions have ever been held in the venue nor will they be.”

John Wood, headteacher at St Aidan’s said: “We are disturbed that such an advert is being published, especially in the light of issues relating to alcohol abuse within society.

Pat Hunter, headteacher at Rossett School said: “From my point of view it is a really irresponsible thing to have been advertised.

“I can’t quite believe it.”

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