A level results: Harrogate Grammar School

Harrogate Grammar School students picked up their A level results this morning.

Students arrived in groups and by themselves to open the long-awaited results envelopes, waiting to see if their grades would be enough to see them enter university.

Pictured l-r are Beth Andralojc, Maddy Rymer, Headteacher Richard Sheriff and Jenny Strugnell

Pictured l-r are Beth Andralojc, Maddy Rymer, Headteacher Richard Sheriff and Jenny Strugnell

A total of 52 per cent of all A level grades were A*-B.

Student Hannah Robson earned 5 A* grades, and both Daniel Selwyn and Jade O’Connor achieving 3 grades at A* and 1 at A.

Headteacher Richard Sheriff said: “A level results day is always incredibly exciting and very uplifting and it is great to see the effort that all these students have put in turn into success.

“There are so many students today who have worked incredibly hard to go to the university of their choice.

“This is what we as teachers come to work for. Some teachers have been with the students for seven years. You get to know them, but also their families and parents as well, and they were well represented today.

“The results this year are very good, especially the value added, looking at results against where students started from, and that looks really good.”

Student Jess Pieri said: “I was really, really nervous this morning before I picked up my results.

“I couldn’t look at UCAS online to see if I got into University so I came in to get them.

“When I picked up the envelope, I took it upstairs at school and read it by myself.

“I am happy with the results. they mean I can reapply next year.”

A school statement read: “Harrogate Grammar School saw strong results in their A levels today, with a total of 52% of all A level grades being at grades A*-B.

“This shows a good performance from a school which prides itself on its inclusiveness and comprehensive intake.

“A particularly key aspect of this was the 94% of all exam entries that achieved A*-D- better than the previous year’s 92% and significantly higher than the national average.

“BTEC provision has significantly expanded in the last few years due to this emphasis, and has resulted in 82% of all results being at Distinction level or better- 64% at Distinction*.

“This is impressive for a range of new, or relatively new, courses, and shows once more Harrogate Grammar School’s commitment to enhancing the opportunities of all.

Many students overachieved compared with their targets.”

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