District unites to end loneliness with exciting new project

The Harrogate Hub aims to end loneliness in our community.The Harrogate Hub aims to end loneliness in our community.
The Harrogate Hub aims to end loneliness in our community.
A new project designed to end loneliness across the community has opened in Harrogate.

The Harrogate Hub on 39 Oxford Street aims to bring the Christian church community together and reach out to people of faith or no faith, who are feeling lonely or socially isolated.

The initiative is run by volunteers from churches across the district.

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Director of the project Jo-Ann Hughes, said: “We are very excited to be working with public services and other charities in addressing the issues of our community.

“The Hub is a safe place for a heartfelt welcome, a warm smile, stories to be shared, burdens to be halved, and time to be given. No one should be left out, no one isolated or lonely. The church in Harrogate is simply seeking to love its neighbour.”

The Hub is currently open on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 2pm-4pm. An open day will also be held on January 28, 10am-2pm.

It will take a year for the project to be fully operational, but the Hub will continue to recruit more volunteer pastoral carers throughout the year and would like to hear from anyone over 18 who is interested in becoming one.

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With more volunteers, the project aims to open its doors in working hours and out of hours when it is fully operational.

The Hub follows a response to a major survey undertaken by St Mark’s Church in 2014 of the unmet social needs of the Harrogate community.

To find out more about the Hub’s support, or how to become a volunteer, visit their website: www.theharrogatehub.org or call 01423 369393.

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