Did you ride the Ultimate with Bruno?

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A WOMAN in her 30s is being sought by a theme park to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of its most famous attractions.

Kirsty Laing was 11 years old and lived in Cold Bath Road when she won a competition being run by Lightwater Valley in July 1991.

The prize was a trip to the theme park - and a ride on the new Ultimate rollercoaster with boxing star Frank Bruno.

Now, as the park celebrates the 20th anniversary of its opening on July 17, owners are hoping to find Kirsty and invite her back for another visit to Lightwater. If you know where she is now, we would love to hear from her and put her in touch with the organisers of the anniversary event.

Email ackrill.news@ypn.co.uk or call 01423 564321.