Developers eye site zoned for almost 700 homes in Harrogate

Residents are to be consulted in the coming weeks by Gladman Developments
Residents are to be consulted in the coming weeks by Gladman Developments

Land allocated for almost 700 new homes and employment space in western Harrogate is being investigated by developers.

Residents are to be consulted in the coming weeks by Gladman Developments on the potential construction of new homes and business premises on agricultural land east of Lady Lane.

The site was put forward for mixed development in the district’s Local Plan. Both Gladman Developments and the Banks Group could submit separate applications, taking 70.4 and 12.5 acres of land respectively. They will however be working together according to Gladmans.

Alongside consultation being held an environmental impact assessment could also be submitted in the coming months.

A spokesperson said:“We are excited to be working with the Council and the local community to bring forward this highly sustainable site in the new Local Plan.
“The site will deliver real benefits for Harrogate, not just with new high quality market and affordable housing, but also through much needed expansion of the Cardale business park to enable local businesses the space to thrive and to grow.”

Howard West, who is running uncontested for the parish council seat of Pannal and Burn Bridge, flagged concerns over the current traffic levels.

He said: “There has been no consideration so far as to the cumulative effect of the western developments planned for Harrogate.
A main consideration for the parish council is the effect this could have on country lanes, and we believe there hasn’t been any.”
He added:“We already have had discussions with the Banks Development at the Pannal Village Hall and our view is the same.
“Whatever the merits of the site are it pales to the traffic chaos that it could generate.”

Although open to talks with the developer Beckwithshaw Parish Council has also previously highlighted it’s ‘huge concerns’ previously raised over local infrastructure in the Local Plan as a whole, says Chairman, Mark Nicholson.
He said: “We will always talk to developers as long as they have this open consultation and not cry foul when it goes to a planning meetings. However we cannot talk about something if there is nothing on the table in front of us.”