Demolition of 165-year-old pub refused

tis  The Henry Peacock pub.  (120907M2)
tis The Henry Peacock pub. (120907M2)

An attempt to demolish an historic Starbeck pub has been stopped by Harrogate Borough Council’s planning committee.

The committee voted to refuse an application from the site’s owners to demolish the building and plant greenery around the edge of the site.

Gary Bell, chief planner at Harrogate Borough Council said in a decision notice: “The proposed restoration of the site would be inappropriate and harmful to visual amenity and the setting of the adjacent Starbeck Conservation Area.”

Henry Pankhurst chair of the Harrogate Civic Society said it would be disappointing if Starbeck lost the historic building which dates back to 1848.

He said: “The conservation area stops just short of the pub, if it had been on the other side of the tracks it would have been incorporated and protected.

He added: “I am not aware of any attempts to get it listed with English Heritage, though it is likely that the building owners wouldn’t want that as it severely limits what can be done with the building.”

Mr Pankhurst explained that the pub was once The Harrogate Hotel and when Starbeck Station, Harrogate’s main train station it would have been a very popular busy venture.

“People travelled from all over the country to sample the spa waters. When they got off the trains after long journeys they would have stayed locally before travelling into Harrogate town centre the next day, or many people would have at least stopped and have a meal there.”

“It would be very disappointing if it were knocked down.

“It is a very pretty building and I think it would be good to think of some other use for it rather than just knocking it down.”

Coun Janet Law (Lib Dem, Starbeck) said: “I wouldn’t really like it to be demolished. I was hoping it could be used for something useful for Starbeck.

“It is a very old building and it is a part of Starbeck. Just to demolish it seems awful really.”

She added: “Even if it were to be just turned into flats or houses, if they kept the exterior the same it would be good, but obviously I can see that the building does need quite a lot of work doing to it.”

Enterprise Inns who own the site did not make any indication of their future plans for the site in the application for the pub’s demolition.A spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

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