Deafblind author makes over £1k

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Sales from an inspiring deafblind author’s book have raised £1,300 for national disability charity Sense.

Paul Duffin, 64, of Ullswater Rise, Wetherby, has sold 174 copies of his second self-published book - And the Cricket Was Good Too! - a light-hearted account of his experience following the England cricket team tour around the world, before his own sight and hearing impairments made it too challenging to continue.

Paul’s sight problems started in 2002 when he lost virtually all the sight in his left eye, leaving him relying on his right eye that was damaged by the late diagnosis of a squint as a child.

Due to continued inflammation, both his sight and hearing have continued to deteriorate and he is now classed as severely sight and hearing impaired.

Paul said: “I’m pleased that the money raised from my book sales will help Sense continue to support people with complex disabilities.”

Sense supports people with complex communication needs, including the deafblind, to be understood.

The national charity also campaigns for the rights of the people it serves and offers practical help and support.

The book is in paperback and Kindle from Amazon at: All royalties donated to Sense.