On this day in Yorkshire 1940

Leeds Has No Bus Men to Spare

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 9:00 am

Mr. Morland made it clear in reference to a report that the London Passenger Transport Board were negotiating through the Ministry of Labour for the loan of conductors from provincial bus organisations, that Leeds has no bus conductors to spare for London.

The conductors are wanted to work on vehicles sent to London from various Northern towns.

Mr. Morland said that Leeds had barely sufficient conductors to run existing services. Many hundreds had gone into the Forces or taken up other work, and although there were about 600 conductresses on duty, the Transport Department would welcome many more.

“There is a definite shortage of suitable female labour in Leeds.” added Mr. Morland, “and our recruiting difficulties are increased by the fact that one in seven of our conductresses finds the physical strain of the work too great for her and has to resign.”

“We might find ourselves in a serious position if a fairly severe winter epidemic broke out.”

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