Wing mirrors 'ripped off' and cars left with big dents in spate of Harrogate cars damaged

The owner of a car repairs garage has offered to help victims of a spate of incidents, where vehicles across Harrogate have been left significantly damaged, with no note to explain.

Monday, 12th February 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Monday, 12th February 2018, 12:40 pm
Anna's car was left damaged after she left it parked in Starbeck for just over an hour. Credit: Anna Ratcliffe

Tyler Antony Turner-Watson's car was parked on his drive for two nights, but when he returned to use his car on Tuesday morning (February 6) a huge dent had been left in the passenger side door.

He said: "Mine was on my driveway I parked on the Sunday evening and I came out on the Tuesday morning and my door had been dented on the side.

"As you can imagine I was a bit confused - why would someone want to do this.

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Tyler discovered his car was damaged after it had been parked on his drive for two nights. Credit: Tyler Antony Turner-Watson

"After having a homophobic assault at the end of last year it sent a couple of shivers down my spine.

"There's no way someone could have driven into my car because it was parked on my drive."

Another Harrogate resident, Anna Ratcliffe, had left her car parked next to the curb of the Pet's Corner/Costa car park on High Street, Starbeck, for less than two hours on February 2.

But when she returned shortly after 7pm that evening, the back panel of the driver's side had been left with a huge dent.

Tyler discovered his car was damaged after it had been parked on his drive for two nights. Credit: Tyler Antony Turner-Watson

Anna appealed for witnesses and information on social media adding: "To say I'm devastated is an understatement."

A number of others have taken to social media over the last two weeks reporting 'ripped off' and smashed wing mirrors in the Bilton and Ripon areas.

But after Tyler faced a repair bill of more than £1,000, the owner of a local business saw the unfolding situation on social media and offered to help.

Dene Doyle, Owner of Ginger Wizard Garage in Kirk Deighton, said: "When Tyler brought the car into us, the door was so buckled he couldn't even wind the window down.

"He went out and saw several different garages, the first quoted him £924, the second around £3,000, another £2,000 and the last £750. We've said we'll do it for just short of £400.

"I know how much the paint and everything is going to cost me and it doesn't even come close to £750.

"I'm sick and tired of people abusing other people's property.

"It's ridiculous that people are looking at these people in need and thinking they need my help so I'll make a pretty penny off the back of it."

Dene also estimated that the damage to Anna's car will cost around £5,000 if she were to go through an insurer.

He added: "I'm more than happy to work with any of these people that have had their cars damaged and we will try and do our very best for them when it comes to cost.

"We are a small business, we have bills to pay too but we believe in karma and we believe it will come back to these people who are doing these awful things to people's cars and I hope that it will be kind to us for trying to help them."

Tyler praised Dene's efforts and suggested that the various incidents over the last fortnight are not isolated.

He said: "He's shown what community spirit is all about, he wants to help victims of this because this isn't just an isolated incident.

"It's a massive thing. There's about two cars a week being damaged so there is something going on and it's people's property that is getting damaged."