VIDEO - Harrogate police chase

A high speed police chase from Harrogate to the A1 motorway resulted in the arrest of a man on suspicion of stealing a car.

The theft, reported to police in Harrogate early on the evening of November 30, related to a car which was taken from an address in the north of the town.

Police stopped the car at the side of the A1 motorway. (S)

Police stopped the car at the side of the A1 motorway. (S)

The victim said he had handed over his keys to a man who had bought the car after bidding on Ebay but who then disappeared before paying.

Patrolling officers from the North Yorkshire Police (NYP) had scoured the area but it wasn’t until several hours later that it was spotted near Knaresborough by a passing policeman. Calling for back-up, this officer followed the vehicle as it headed towards the A1 motorway.

Specialist officers from the NYP Roads Policing Group (RPG), who had been breathalysing drivers in the Wetherby Road area with Advertiser reporter Ruby Kitchen, were called on for support.

And when the driver decided to enter the southbound carriageway of the A1 motorway - despite having a flat tire - officers decided to stop him before an accident occurred.

The police chase to follow, led by TC Mark Mullins, lasted less than five minutes - and was caught on camera above.

l The man was later taken back to Harrogate Police Station and given a caution by police.