VIDEO - Family’s plea to help find missing man

Distraught family of missing man Graham Roskell, who hasn’t been seen since Saturday, have spoken of their “living nightmare” as they wait desperately for news.

The 65-year-old grandfather, who is ill and confused, is believed to be walking home from Harrogate Hospital to Kirk Hammerton, without shelter, food, or extra clothes.

Missing man Graham Roskell, pictured with his newborn grandson Lucas, now seven weeks. (S)

Missing man Graham Roskell, pictured with his newborn grandson Lucas, now seven weeks. (S)

And as night draws in on the fourth day since his disappearance, and temperatures plummet, his family are pleading with people to help join the search.

“He was determined, he was coming home,” said his wife of 39 years, Marlene. “Somewhere along the way, he’s gotten lost.

“He’s a family man, he lives for his family, and that’s what we want him to come back to.

“It’s a living nightmare.”

His family, daughters Louise and Nicola, son Jonathan and three grandchildren, have been waiting anxiously for any news.

“We’ve got nothing to hold onto,” said his daughter Louise, mum to seven-week-old Lucas. “We just need to know, where is he heading, that he is still alive, that he’s alright.

“I can’t believe that just a few weeks ago he was worrying about me with the baby, now it’s us, worrying about him.

“Please, help bring our dad home alive.”

Mr Roskell was last seen leaving Harrogate District Hospital at around 8am on Saturday.

Witness reports have led vast police search teams to Spofforth and Little Ribston, where his scent was picked up by tracker dogs at the weekend.

But, as officers go door to door in towns and villages across North Yorkshire, there is still no sign of the missing grandfather.

“The search is still ongoing, but there’s been no new sightings of him,” said his son Jonathan.

“He’s disorientated. He could be any anywhere by now, not just Little Ribston.”

Police are widening their search and are urging residents to do the same.

Landowners are being asked to check barns, sheds, caravans and outside shelters, open cars, anywhere where he could be sheltering.

Stolen clothes from a washing line, or even a disturbed hay bale, could hold the key to where he is, his family believe.

Mr Roskell was last seen wearing a green striped jumper, green trousers and black shoes. He also has a navy fleece dressing gown with him.

“We believe he’s in the countryside, he has survival training and could have built a shelter,” said Jonathan.

“But this sickness has made him paranoid that he will be brought back to hospital. He wont want to be found.”

The sickness, which started as a sinus infection, spread to his brain a few weeks ago, causing swelling and disorientation.

“He’s in a confused state, it’s not a mental illness,” said his daughter Nicola.

“It changed him completely, two weeks ago he was here, helping with the baby. He needs medical attention urgently.”

The family are desperate for news, she added.

“He’s just an ordinary man. He grows vegetables for us in the garden and looks after us all,” she said.

“We don’t sleep, we don’t eat. We are here, but inside, we are not here at all. We just need news.”