Tragic schoolboy Jordan Green, 12, found hanged at home inquest told.

tis  The tribute room in memory of Jordan Green at Harrogate High School.  (120704M7d)
tis The tribute room in memory of Jordan Green at Harrogate High School. (120704M7d)

A twelve-year-old schoolboy who hanged himself told his mum to “have a nice life” in their final phone call, an inquest heard on Tuesday.

Jordan Green hanged himself on the same day he was permanently excluded from Harrogate High School on June 27 2012.

In his final phone call with his mother he said: “have a nice life, Mum. I feel like killing myself.”

Simon Temple, the paramedic who attended the scene told the inquest that Jordan’s mother, Heidi Green, had told him, “he’s only a child I didn’t take it seriously,” shortly after finding Jordan’s body.

Mrs Green, a hairdresser, found Jordan’s body hanging from a sky light window in his bedroom on Duncan Street, after returning home from work.

Mr Temple told the court Jordan had been dead for several hours by the time ambulance crews attended after 9pm.

The inquest heard about Jordan’s behavioural problems, which the court were told seemed to worsen after his grandmothers death in 2006 and parents separation in 2009.

It was said his disruptive behaviour deteriorated after he started Harrogate High School in September 2011, and he was excluded from the school on 12 separate occasions.

On the morning of June 27, Jordan had argued with Mrs Green about attending school and when he arrived at school he was placed in a ‘chill out area’ to calm down.

Throughout the day his behaviour escalated, deputy principal Ann Francis told the inquest Jordan was running around the school, hiding from staff and throwing furniture.

She said “Jordan had an aggressive, abusive and threatening attitude towards staff.”

Initially the decision was taken by the Principal Andrew Bayston and senior staff to exclude him for one day, but as his behaviour escalated this was extended to five days and eventually a permanent exclusion was imposed.

The inquest heard that as Mrs Green worked full time she was unable to collect him from school so gave her permission for him to leave the school himself, something she did regularly.

She said: “I often gave permission to school to send him home, but I felt I had no choice on the matter, I was backed into a corner.”

Coroner Rob Turnbull said: “With the benefit of hindsight it might not have been best decision to send him home in such an agitated state, however saying that, the best professional decision was made on the day.”

Mrs Francis said: “I had to take the decision on how to make the situation safe as possible for the staff and pupils.”

Both the police and Harrogate High School emphasised that suggestions Jordan was bullied were untrue.

Mrs Francis said: “We couldn’t find any reported incidents of any form of bullying at all.”

DC Raffan said: “I checked Jordan’s facebook and mobile phone and found nothing of concern with regard to bullying.”

Coronor Rob Turnbull gave an open verdict at the inquest at Conyngham Hall, he said: “We can’t be certain on whether or not Jordan intended to kill himself or if this was an accident.

“We have heard Jordan was a boy who sought attention to deflect blame.”