“That’s my boyfriend!” - drunk mum attacks woman in street

tis. Harrogate Magistrates Court. 311208ARpic3.
tis. Harrogate Magistrates Court. 311208ARpic3.

A MUM whose ‘‘bad day’’ ended in an attack on a woman she saw speaking with her new boyfriend then assaulted a police officer called to the scene, a court was told.

Harrogate magistrates heard how Sara Jane Thomas, 43, of Moorside Dale, Ripon, pushed Lucy Atkinson away from Danny Chandler causing her to fall to the floor and sustain injuries.

And when police arrived on the scene at the junction of Station Parade and Cheltenham Parade in Harrogate on March 20, Thomas spat at her boyfriend and some of the spittle landed on PC Rebecca Wood.

Prosecutor Steven Ovenden said Ms Atkinson had just left work at around 6pm when she spoke with Mr Chandler. She then heard a female voice telling her: ‘‘That’s my boyfriend,’’ before a woman ran towards her with raised arms and pushed her violently.

Mr Ovenden said Ms Atkinson, who had been left shaken and bruised by the incident, had told police: ‘‘The next thing I remember is being on the floor.’’

Within seconds police were on the scene, in time to see Thomas spit towards Mr Chandler but catch PC Wood instead.

Mr Ovenden said Thomas told investigators she had consumed a lot of drink and had ‘‘just wanted to be on my own.’’

When Thomas - formerly known as McDonald and who had lived in Wedderburn Close, Harrogate - pleaded guilty to assault by beating and assault on a police officer, her solicitor Helen Howard told the court she was extremely penitent over an incident which she deeply regretted.

Thomas, who had a conviction last year for assault on a police officer and others for causing damage, had mental health issues after a relationship in which she and her children were abused had ended with her partner being jailed for 10 years.

Miss Howard said Thomas who had been having a very bad day - she had wanted to go away to self-harm – had completely misread the situation when Ms Atkinson spoke to her boyfriend.

‘‘She is doing everything she can to try to deal with the issues she has,’’ said Miss Howard. ‘‘She is receiving all the help that is available and has started to turn the corner.’’

Thomas was fined £60 on each charge with costs of £85, a £15 victim surcharge and £50 compensation to Ms Atkinson.

The case was heard on Tuesday, April 10.