Teenagers threw fireworks at cars and eggs at houses on Halloween in Harrogate

Groups of 'youths' and 'teenagers in hoodies' threw fireworks at moving vehicles and egged houses on the evening of Halloween.

Thursday, 2nd November 2017, 11:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 2:21 am
Police were called to several incidents of antisocial behaviour in Harrogate on Halloween.

Police were called to several locations in the town centre last night (October 31) following numerous separate reports of anti-social behaviour.

North Yorkshire Police said they were called to Montpellier Hill just before 7pm to reports of teenagers "throwing fireworks at passing cars and setting off fireworks near to the pedestrianised area."

Earlier in the evening, at around 5.40pm, officers were dispatched Valley Drive where "a group of kids" were throwing flour and eggs at houses.

At 5.53pm, NYP received another report of 'a group of youths' throwing eggs at cars and hiding behind a wooden shelter on West Park, Harrogate.

Just after 6pm, police were sent out again to Oxford Terrace, where 'a group of teenagers dressed in hoodies' were throwing eggs at cars and setting off car alarms.

Harrogate Police Officers took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour, noting that fireworks had also been thrown at Police cars and members of the force.

Constable, Amanda Hanusch-Moore,‏ said: "Since when did Halloween involve throwing fireworks at police cars? A very busy night for Harrogate officers last night. Unacceptable."

Acting Inspector, Paul Cording, said: "Saddened to read so many tweets of youths throwing fireworks at #Police tonight. The same ones that will want our help when things go wrong."

A spokesperson for NYP said: "It is extremely dangerous to throw fireworks full stop. It’s not only dangerous for whatever and whoever it is aimed at, but also for the person throwing it. It is also illegal to throw them or set them off in the street or other public place.

"It beggars belief why anyone would throw one at the emergency services, the very people who they will turn to if they are the victim of such an incident."