Teenagers ‘playing Russian roulette’ with legal highs in Harrogate

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Young people in Harrogate are “playing Russian roulette” with their lives by taking legal highs, a charity has warned.

Foundation, supporting younger homeless people aged 16 to 25, works to get them back on track, finding them somewhere to live and work.

At any one time, it houses 32 people.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the use of these drugs, just over the last six months,” said Rehan Shah, project manager.

“Nobody knows the impact it will have, if affects everybody in different ways.

“We’ve had young people taken to hospital with anxiety, fear, confusion.

“We’ve had a few young people admitted to Cedar Ward with mental health problems after taking them.

“It’s a Russian roulette - who knows what they are taking. It’s quite scary.

“A whole lot of new drugs are being thrown into the mix.

“And how much of it is hidden away in school kids and wider groups?”