Student fined over contact with his ex

A COLLEGE student whose attempts to keep on friendly terms with his former girlfriend led to an unsubstantiated accusation of assault still found himself in trouble with the law last Thursday.

Nathan Kieron Williams, 18, of Flaxdale Close, Knaresborough, pleaded guilty at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court to behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress.

Prosecutor Sam Rogers said Williams and a 17-year-old girl had separated after a relationship when they found themselves among the guests at a party where the girl had been upset at what Williams said to her.

They had left the function separately but had later met again in the Moko Lounge in King’s Road, Harrogate, where Williams approached the girl several times in an abusive and aggressive manner.

He was told to leave her alone but he continued his approaches.

Miss Rogers said at one point bouncers asked Williams to apologise and leave and the girl found the incident so upsetting she complained to the police.

In mitigation Andrew Tinning said Williams’s version of what occurred differed from that outlined by the prosecution but he accepted his behaviour fell below the required standard.

Williams had been working in a local hotel before going to a party where he had not expected to see his former girlfriend. Words had been exchanged with Williams trying to suggest that the pair should be friends in the future.

Williams had left the function and gone to the Moko Lounge where he encountered the girl again, to his surprise as at her age she should not have been in a nightclub.

There was again a ‘‘friends’’ suggestion from Williams.

Mr Tinning said the girl did not take kindly to what Williams was saying and made an allegation of assault against him.

It had not been pursued because, the defence suggested, it did not happen. There was no CCTV evidence of any assault.

Mr Tinning said Williams, currently studying A levels at college - after securing 13 GCSEs and prior to going to university - had been upset at what had happened and had been abusive.

Conditionally discharging Williams for six months with £85 costs presiding magistrate Caroline Campbell told him he appeared to have a good career ahead of him.

And, telling him he had got involved in an unfortunate incident which had brought him a criminal record, Mrs Campbell added: ‘‘We don’t want to see you back here.’’