Savile report reveals eight victims from North Yorks

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile

A report into the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal has revealed that eight of his alleged victims were from North Yorkshire.

The report, published by West Yorkshire Police, scrutinised every aspect of the criminal investigation into the late DJs reported crimes.

It revealed that his youngest victims were just five years old at the time they were allegedly attacked, the eldest was 45.

“Savile lived for over 80 years as an individual who has duped millions into believing that he was a genuine celebrity, a charity fund raiser and a harmless eccentric who did nothing but good in our communities,” the report read.

“However, evidence now suggests that he was a predatory paedophile and manipulative liar who caused harm to so many.”

Allegations against the late TV star were first revealed in an ITV documentary aired in October last year.

Operation Yewtree was established laster that month after yet more victims came forward.

It has now been revealed that 116 crimes have been reported nationally.

A total of 76 crimes, relating to 68 victims, were said to have occurred in West Yorkshire, while eight of the victims lived in North Yorkshire.

The police report also revealed that officers have spoken to more than 200 people, working more than 3,000 hours on the investigation.

The majority of Savile’s alleged victims, it emerges, were aged 14 to 17, but 13 per cent were under the age of nine.

The crimes he is accused of range from rape to common assault. Twenty-eight per cent of those who have come forward are males.

“On the basis of recent assessments, there appears to be a general acceptance that Savile was a prolific sex offender and a paedophile, but he was never convicted of any offence during his lifetime,” said the report.

“The substantial number of victims who have come forward, apparently unknown to one another for the most part, is an indication of a pattern of criminal behaviour by Savile that overwhelmingly suggests, if alive, he would have many cases to answer.”