Rajput owners forced to pay back £250k - Court

tis. Rajput restaurant on Cheltenham Parade. 100303GS2.
tis. Rajput restaurant on Cheltenham Parade. 100303GS2.

A MOTHER and her two sons, convicted of trafficking overseas staff to work in their Harrogate restaurant, have been ordered to pay more than a quarter of a million pounds under confiscation orders.

Parveen Khan was 55 when she was convicted by a jury in 2010, along with her sons Raja, 33 and Shahnawaz Khan, 30, of conspiring to traffic foreign workers to their family run Rajput restaurant in Cheltenham Parade.

The trio, of Green Lane, were each originally jailed for three years but following an appeal that their sentences were too lenient, the men had their sentences increased to four years each.

Their mother escaped an increase, Appeal Court judges said, because of her mental health difficulties.

Leeds Crown Court was told the benefits from crime for each was £650,000.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC heard the available amount to be recovered for Parveen Khan was £226,666.87, including her share from the sale of two properties, and made a confiscation order in that amount.

In the cases of her two sons each was ordered to pay £30,886. All three were given six months to pay.

The jury heard staff were recruited from Southern Asia and the Middle East with false promises of secure and well-paid jobs but had their passports taken on arrival, were exploited and forced to work long hours.

The judges at the Court of Appeal said although of good standing in their community the trio’s true characters towards their victims were kept hidden.