Pregnant carer has car tyres slashed

A PREGNANT care worker visiting an elderly client found her tyres slashed in a “shocking” attack on a quiet Boroughbridge street.

The woman was caring for an elderly client in their own home late in the evening of Thursday, December 8, when her car was targeted.

She left the home at around 8.45pm to hear the hissing of air escaping from the tyre and saw a car driving away.

The carer, who was working on her own, was forced to change the tyre alone before she could make her way home.

Employer Andrew Van Parys, owner of Home Instead Care Group, said he had never experienced an attack like it in nearly two years of working in the area.

“I’m shocked really, It’s just not the kind of thing you expect to happen.

“Carers don’t need to put up with that kind of thing when they are out there supporting vulnerable people. I don’t know what goes through people’s minds.

“The carer took it in her stride to begin with and dealt with the ‘here and now’ of replacing the tyre and getting home, but on reflection has thought ‘hang on a minute, this is outrageous’.”

The company has told the elderly client’s family about the attack, Andrew added.

“Their first concern was for the member of staff, but there’s also a lot of vulnerable elderly people on the same street so this incident is very unsettling.”