Police volunteer to travel south for Olympics

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Police officers from Harrogate and North Yorkshire are to be deployed to work at the Olympic Games.

Annual leave has been restricted and non-essential training postponed to free up officers to travel south for the summer.

In total, 172 North Yorkshire Police officers have volunteered to work in what has been called the “largest ever pre-planned policing operation”.

The force will provide officers to work 60 days across the summer, between June 4 and September 16.

Asst Chief Constable Iain Spittal said: “I would like to reassure the people of North Yorkshire that there will be no disruption to our day-to-day policing during the Olympic Games.

“Ensuring that our communities are policed as usual was the key priority running through our preparation for the Games.“

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said that while it was still in the planning stages, it was believed that most officers would help the Metropolitan Police and Dorset Police, which have the largest Games operations.

Coverage will vary, on some days, 92 officers will be working, while during quieter periods, just two North Yorkshire Police officers will be on duty.

The majority of those taking part will be beat officers but there will also be some specialists from the dog section, search teams, the firearms unit, protection officers, public order officers and marine trained officers.

Every officer deployed to the Olympics has volunteered to take part, the spokesman added.