Police trial targets speeding

A SIX-month pilot scheme aiming to reduce casualties on the district’s roads has been launched by North Yorkshire Police.

A highly visible police van equipped with speed cameras is being deployed on roads with a history of serious and fatal accidents.

This week, among the locations being targeted are the A61 near Ripley and the A64 around Tadcaster. Officers will particularly be looking at dangerous motorcycle riders, after statistics showed that 20 bikers died on North Yorkshire’s roads in 2010.

Over the past three years, excessive or inappropriate speed has been responsible for a quarter of all road deaths in the county and the 95 Alive North Yorkshire and York Road Safety Partnership said those figures were unacceptable.

Its chairman Tim Madgwick, North Yorkshire Police’s temporary Deputy Chief Constable, said: “There has been much criticism of safety cameras over the years. However, my message to those who are against them is: Stop and think about the 36 people who have been killed on our roads over the last three years because of excessive or inappropriate speed. Not to mention the hundreds who have been injured.

“It is a fact that speed kills and we are determined to reduce the casualty toll on our roads.

“The simple advice is – don’t speed, you will not be caught and our roads will be safer.”