Police target travelling criminals

Police tape
Police tape

A major police operation has been held across Harrogate and North Yorkshire to crack down on travelling criminals coming into the area to commit crime.

This comes after startling new figures show that 23 per cent of people caught committing crimes in the county come from outside its borders.

Seven police forces joined together for the special operation last Tuesday, with 86 officers stopping 254 cars, three people arrested, seven cars seized and 17 drivers fined.

“This show of force sends a clear message to criminals that we are on the look out for any kind of criminal activity and are all united with the aim of disrupting their behaviour and bringing them to justice, no matter where they choose to operate,” said North Yorkshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Paul Kennedy.

“We are determined to make our region a safer place where law-abiding people are not plagued by criminals who help themselves to other peoples’ property.”

The operation was the third of its kind this year, and is based on intelligence which shows that organised crime groups are targeting rural areas.