Police step up patrols for Halloween and Bonfire Night

Police officer
Police officer

Police are stepping up patrols to crack down on anti-social behaviour during the Halloween and Bonfire Night period.

North Yorkshire Police are supporting a national campaign and a week of action runs from Monday October 28 until Tuesday November 5.

Police Officers, Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers will be carrying out a large number of activities, including:

- Delivering posters to shops to prevent young people buying eggs and flour and fireworks

- Delivering “No trick or treat” posters to vulnerable and elderly people to display in windows

- High visibility patrols in areas where ASB has been an issue previously

- Visiting schools to educate young people about ASB and the dangers of fireworks

- Targeting known ASB offenders so that they know we are watching them

- Identifying insecure properties and offering crime prevention advice

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said: “While there are a great many people who enjoy the festivities at this time of year, there are others for who it brings misery and raises the fear of crime.

”Through a range of policing operations, Police Officers, PCSOs and the Special Constabulary will be out in the towns and cities across North Yorkshire and City of York, to act as reassurance and deter anti-social behaviour. Anyone caught with items they are using to commit anti-social manner can expect to have them confiscated and faces the prospect of legal action.”

Mr Kennedy added: “Shop workers also have an important role in helping to reduce anti-social behaviour, by not selling items such as eggs and flour to young people. Furthermore, they are reminded that is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.

“Probably most important of all, I am calling on parents and guardians to take responsibility to ensure young people are fully aware of the upset and fear that their behaviour can have on other residents during the Halloween and Bon Fire night period.”

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, is backing the week of action.

She said: “Halloween can be a sorry time of year for the more vulnerable people in society, and I support the efforts we are taking to protect those people. Making the full use of our Special Constabulary is really important, and they can often be the people who know their communities best. Their commitment to this particular project gives me an opportunity to thank Specials, and all the volunteers who contribute to North Yorkshire Police, for putting so much time and energy into keeping communities safe.”

In the Harrogate district Special Constables will be carrying out high visibility patrols of areas in Harrogate, Ripon, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge.

Leaflets will be distributed to local retailers regarding the sale of fireworks and alcohol to youths along with ‘flour and eggs - not for sale’ posters.

Police will visit school and give talks on anti-social behaviour and the dangers of fireworks and offer reassurance visits to vulnerable people, giving out ‘no trick or treat’ posters.