Police officers sprayed in face with CS gas in Leeds feared acid attack

Hassan Jalilian
Hassan Jalilian

TWO  police officers feared they had been victims of an acid attack when drug dealer Hassan Jalilian sprayed CS spray in their faces before he fled and hid  at a Leeds primary school.

Detective Constable Clive Newman screamed out in pain after the attack, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Incapacitant spray seized by police

Incapacitant spray seized by police

The attack happened after organised crime group leader Jalilian pulled up alongside a police car near his then address Redesdale Gardens in Adel, north Leeds, just after 7.30am on Tuesday June 27 2017.

Leeds drug dealing gang who created market for crystal meth in Yorkshire are jailed for more than 31-years

Prosecutor, Patrick Palmer said Jalilian criticised the officers for their parking, saying the police car was blocking his way.

Mr Palmer said: “The police officers went to the defendant’s car.

"They identified themselves as police officers and asked him to get out of the car.

“The defendant reached down and picked up a can of CS spray and sprayed it into the face of PC Newman, The gas struck both officers.”

Mr Palmer said Jalilian crashed into a number of vehicles including the police car as he made his escape.

Jalilian abandoned the damaged BMW around a mile away and made off on foot to Ireland Wood Primary School.

Mr Palmer, said: “He banged on the door and purported to be sending a child to the school and said he wanted to speak to someone at the school.”

The court heard Jalilian sent a message to Michael Bendo and a friend arrived at the school.

Mr Palmer said: “The friend picked him up in his car and got him away from the scene and he made his way to Manchester.”

Later that morning police searched Jalilian and his partner Cheryl Scott’s home.

Mr Palmer read victim impact statements from the two police officers.

Reading police officer Michael Herbert’s statement, Mr Palmer said: “As soon as we said we are police officers he sprayed the substance directly in our faces.

“He feared at the time that it was an acid attack and he panicked.

“He remembers the other office screaming in pain. The defendant drove away, smashing int a police car. He said it was horrific.

“He said he has been involved in many confrontations over the past 40-years as a police officer.

“This was the only time in a 40-year career that I felt vulnerable and unsafe.”

Reading Detective Constable Clive Newman’s statement, Mr Palmer said: “He felt a severe and immediate stinging sensation to his face which caused him to scream out in pain and crouch down in agony.

“He was afraid this was an acid attack, such was the burning sensation to his face.

“He was frightened the vehicle was going to strike him as it drove away.”

Jalilian, aged 27, of Batter Lane, Rawdon, appeared in the dock with 22-year-old Bendo, of Kirklees Garth, Farsley, Pudsey; 29-year-old Gohar Manzoor, of Low Road, Dewsbury Moor and Cheryl Scott, aged 45 of First Avenue, Royston, Barnsley.

Jalilian was jailed for 11-years, Bendo was jailed for eight-years, Manzoor was jailed for seven-years-and-four-months and Scott was jailed for five-years.

alilian admitted conspiracy to import Class A drugs crystal meth, having a firearm with intent - the pepper spray; administering a noxious substance - the pepper spray; possessing a hunting knife and a lock knife; dangerous driving and possessing criminal property - cash.

Jalilian, Bendo, Scott and Manzoor admitted conspiracy to supply crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy, M-CAT, and Class C drug gamma butyrolactone.

Bendo and Manzoor admitted possessing criminal property - cash. Bendo also admitted assisting an offender.