Police? I’m suspicious because there’s a Tesco delivery van in my village

A call about a Tesco delivery van was made to North Yorkshire's 101 number
A call about a Tesco delivery van was made to North Yorkshire's 101 number

A resident in a North Yorkshire village rang a police call centre after seeing a Tesco delivery van - and claimed it was suspicious because “people in this village don’t shop at Tesco”.

The claim has been cited by North Yorkshire Police as an example of the inappropriate recent calls made to its 101 non-emergency number.

North Yorkshire Police is making improvements to its 101 service.

North Yorkshire Police is making improvements to its 101 service.

The force has made a number of changes to the way its force control room operates after a dramatic rise in the amount of time callers take waiting for a response.

A report about the new system being introduced from this summer includes details of cases where police time has been wasted by inappropriate calls.

They include:

- Your online complaint form asks for my full name but I only want to be known as “H”

- Request for Police to check if an organisation is a genuine company

- Which direction will the crowds be going in after the races. (25k people)

- My neighbour is a reincarnated Buddhist

- The Godfather is buried in Rome

- My friend has been taken to hospital. Can you pick her stuff up from my house?

- A lady with concerns re length of sentence of her son in Full Sutton jail. Sentence was only 18 months and he’s been in jail for 9 years.

- Can you trace a withheld number?

- Directions to Station hotel

- The Revenue owe me money and they’re not paying

- Have I got a pending speeding fine - I’m going on holiday

- Caller not happy with the determination by an officer of a civil dispute so rang to ask if officer is correct.

- A sparrow has just flown into my kitchen window and killed itself.

- I’ve set off to go on holiday and I’ve forgotten to put my bins out. Can the Police go round and put them out? •

- Is 16.00 hours the same as four O’clock?

- Reports of a suspicious vehicle – A Tesco delivery van - Why is it suspicious? – “Because people in this village don’t shop at Tesco”.

- My son is at my sisters – can an officer go round and get him as I don’t speak to my sister.

- Would you like some Gideon Bibles for your officers?

- I’ve lost my keys - can you come and break into my house • Someone’s putting up a mast and they’re not allowed.

- What time does Sainsbury’s on Fulford close?

It emerged last month that North Yorkshire Police hadintroduced a raft of measures to improve its emergency number service following “unprecedented” rise in the number of calls.

The county’s force control room saw an increase in 999 calls from 4,911 during January to 8,551 in August, while the non-emergency 101 number was called 24,017 during August, which has risen from 21,045 in January.

Changes include the introduction of an operator service, which sees callers now able to hold to speak to someone if they are unsure which department they require or have a general question. A call-back facility has also been brought in on the non-emergency line.