Police commissioner calls for overhaul of complaints system

Police in Harrogate
Police in Harrogate

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire has called for an overhaul of the police complaints system.

As a result of concerns raised during her surgeries, Mrs Mulligan is keen to see change to help vulnerable people seek support.

Police and Crime Commissioners cannot become involved in police investigations.

However, she has called for her position to be reflected in the complaints system.

Mrs Mulligan said: “I am not convinced that the Government really understands the expectations of the public in this regard.

“It is very clear to me that the people of North Yorkshire expect me to hold the police to account when they receive a poor service.

“I am looking at how I can do this locally within the current system, but quite frankly the system is out of date, mind bogglingly complex and extremely slow.

“It needs a complete overhaul, so whilst the Minister’s announcement is welcome, I am not sure it goes far enough.

“Throughout the consultation process, I will therefore be ensuring that the voice of the public is heard and their needs are understood.”

Since taking office in November, the Commissioner has seen a dramatic increase the number of members of the public seeking support.

Levels of correspondence have increased significantly and as a consequence Mrs Mulligan will be recruiting next week for a new team member to specifically handle case work.