Plants stolen from Boston Spa War Memorial garden

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A spate of thefts at a War Memorial in Boston Spa has seen several 'prized' plants dug up and stolen from the gardens.

Members of Boston Spa Parish Council first noticed a Heuchra plant had been taken from garden adjacent to the war memorial two or three weeks ago.

But a second incident on Saturday October 1 has seen three identical plants taken between 11am and 6pm.

The garden had only recently been replanted and one of the main people involved, Village Hall Deputy Chairman, Terry Gaussen, has condemned the thefts.

He said: “This is a shameful situation – given the effort which has gone in to improving the facilities and the ambience around the War Memorial – the more so as we approach Remembrance Sunday.

"It is really sad to reflect that it seems likely that someone locally has been involved in this mean theft from the one area in the village which should command respect from us all."

Parish council member said the plants had clearly been dug up and not simply pulled from the garden and though they are not expensive individually, Heuchras are generally prized by gardeners.

The incidents have been reported to the police and CCTV systems in the area are now being reviewed.

Anyone with information concerning the theft of the plants should contact Wetherby Police Station on 0113 285 5374.