Owner of Bilton cat shot and blinded slams 'neanderthal' culprits

Jenkins before and after the attack (s)
Jenkins before and after the attack (s)

The owner of a cat which was shot and blinded on New Year’s Day in Bilton has described the culprits responsible as ‘neanderthals’.

Jenkins, a four-year-old Bengal, was left needing emergency vet treatment totalling £1,600 after he was hit through the eye with a catapult containing a large lead shot.

The cat’s owner, Karen Singleton, said at first she believed Jenkins had been run over and it wasn’t until the vet showed her an X-Ray she realised the extent of the attack.

She said: “Jenkins was shot in the side of his eyeball in a field near my house. He also suffered a broken leg but just about managed to drag himself home.

“We assumed he’d been run over but when the vet did the X-Ray he couldn’t believe it when he saw the huge lump of lead embedded in his skull.

“He’s an outdoor cat and spends most of his time out climbing trees. But, now he’s lost his eye he has lost all depth-perception.

“He can’t judge distances and if something is coming from the side of him then he won’t be able to see it, like a car. I’m terrified to let him out the house now.”

Ms Singleton said she believes a group of local men in the area were responsible for the attack which took place at around 6-8pm.

Despite the nature of the attack, Ms Singleton said she was not surprised by what had happened as the use of catapults for hare coursing and rabbiting were regular activities in the area.

She said: “There’s a bunch of men that go around with their catapults so we are pretty sure it’s them but it’s just a matter of getting the evidence.

“They will go for anything with its eyes lit up and will shoot at anything. I’m absolutely disgusted by what has happened to him.

“I know where I live and I know what kind of people I live near, these men are looking for anything to kill and it’s not on. “

Despite his injuries, Ms Singleton said Jenkins was recovering well after the attack but said she was ‘seriously considering’ moving house because of the attack.

She said: “These lads know every corner and they walk around in camouflage. They are impossible to catch for police. You don’t want this sort of thing happening but luckily Jenkins is a tough cat and is recovering well.”