New! Vandal attack on Nidd Gorge group's banner

The vandalised banner in Bilton in Harrogate.
The vandalised banner in Bilton in Harrogate.

The public consultation had just been launched but before the battle for the future of traffic congestion in Harrogate and Knaresborough had even begun, a residents group has had its banner defaced.

In a sign of what could become a heated debate during North Yorkshire County Council's 12-week long online survey into the public's views on how to solve the problem of jams and delays, unknown vandals attacked the huge sign designed and paid-for by newly-formed residents group HALT (Harrogate and Knaresborough Alliance for Less Traffic).

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Located on the Nidderdale greenway in Harrogate at the junction with Bilton lane where a future relief road to Forest Lane via the fields near Nidd Gorge is one of the options for discussion, the giant words "Save Nidd Gorge and the Nidderdale Greenway - Relief Roads Don't Work' now has a hole where the word 'Don't' was.

As well as being potentially a matter for the police, the campaign group has now had to pay for the vandalised sign to be re-made.

Members of Nidd Gorge Community Action Group posted on Facebook after the incident saying: "Please help us find the person who vandalised our banner! They are suffering from reading too much NYCC propaganda and need urgent re-education."

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