New independent police complaints team begins work in North Yorkshire

Lisa WinwardLisa Winward
Lisa Winward
A new, independent complaints and recognition team for North Yorkshire Police begins work today with the aim of recording, reviewing and resolving complaints in a quick, effective and fair way.

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has taken responsibility for the process following the introduction of new Home Office rules.

The intention is to ensure the system is rigorous and efficient, so residents have confidence, but is also fair for the officers and staff of North Yorkshire Police.

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There will be an increased emphasis on investigating what went wrong, finding a resolution to any problems and learning to ensure it does not happen again.

The team wants to ensure good practice is recognised and shared in an attempt to develop the positives across the force.

Julia Mulligan, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said: “This is an important moment for residents and police officers and staff in North Yorkshire.

"Police officers have been, often unfairly, accused of marking their own homework but the new process will mean that no longer has to happen.

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“The changes will mean an independent team with a focus on serving everyone in North Yorkshire – finding resolution for the public when things go wrong, acting quickly to ensure police officers and staff do not face vexatious or unfounded allegations for long periods and learning from the good and the bad to make North Yorkshire safer.”

Lisa Winward, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Our staff and officers are hard-working, dedicated and professional people who want to deliver the very best service to the communities of North Yorkshire to keep people safe and feeling safe.

"However, on occasions our service does fall short or we do not meet the expectations of the people who we serve.

“It is important that this is reported and brought to our attention so that we can learn and improve our service and ensure our staff and officers receive valuable feedback and training to develop their skills.

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“Likewise, when our team members deliver an exemplary service it is right that they receive recognition and I am very proud when members of the public go out of their way in order to make contact to highlight good work.

"The new team will provide members of the public with a single point of contact for all but the most serious matters, making the process easier, clearer and more straightforward for both complainants and our workforce.”

From today, any complaints or compliments should – in the first instance – be directed to the new team by emailing [email protected] or calling 01609 643339.

Click here for full details of the changes, including answers to frequently asked questions.