New £250k police scheme to target roving criminals

Police appeal for information
Police appeal for information

Roving criminals are to be the target of a new £250,000 police technology which is to be rolled out across North Yorkshire in the coming year.

North Yorkshire Police is to invest the sum in developing its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software.

This sophisticated programme, set up in patrol cars, works by automatically scanning every number plate it passes.

All the cars details are brought up, from insurance expiry dates to red flags on stolen cars, alerting officers straight away if something is amiss.

“The automatic number plate recognition system is an invaluable tool in assisting the police service to identify and target those criminals who travel into and around our county with the intention of committing crime,” said Acting Assistant Chief Constable Ken McIntosh. “This investment will enhance the effective use of ANPR to ensure our communities can be safe and feel safe.”

This is the first stage in a number of planned changes and upgrades to the ANPR system being considered by North Yorkshire Police and the county’s crime commissioner, Julia Mulligan.

Mrs Mulligan says the investment will allow officers to detect more suspect vehicles coming over the county’s borders from Cleveland, Durham, South and West Yorkshire.

“To effectively tackle cross border criminality and serious, organised crime gangs, we need to be able to more efficiently identify those people,” she said.

“This upgraded system will enhance our capability, and North Yorkshire residents will be safer and better protected as a result.

“Communities should feel safer knowing the police are watching criminals at all times, and we should ultimately have less victims of cross border serious and organised crime.”