Mum’s drunken chip shop battle

tis. Harrogate Magistrates Court. 311208ARpic1.
tis. Harrogate Magistrates Court. 311208ARpic1.

A drunken mother terrified her children when she drove them to a chip shop before launching an astonishing tirade against police who confronted her.

Mother-of-four Sarah Louise Gill, 32, had pulled up outside a closed chip shop on Chain Lane in Knaresborough and tried to barge the door down.

Two of her children, aged three and six, were in the car and heard their mother brand a police officer a ‘f***ing fat ****’ and telling one of them to ‘shove’ their request for a breath test ‘up her a***.’

Prosecuting at Harrogate Magistrates Court last Thursday, Chris Rafferty said that two women who were working in the fish shop on July 10 had seen Gill get out of the driver’s seat of her Ford Ka and stagger around, bumping into her two children who had also climbed from the vehicle.

Gill had barged the shop door with her shoulder in a bid to open it.

“By this point her children were shocked and were crying,” said Mr Rafferty.

“When PC Barbara Leach asked for a breath specimen she was told to ‘shove it up her a***’ and was sworn at. Gill’s behaviour had then deteriorated further and she had resisted arrest by pulling, twisting and kicking out.

“Sarah was eventually arrested and taken to Harrogate police station where she was given an opportunity to provide a blood specimen but had refused, telling officers they were ‘all idiots’.”

Her solicitor Sarah Waddington said while she had a very limited record there had been a conviction in 2003 for a drink-related offence.

Miss Waddington, who said Gill had suffered recent bereavements, told how Gill had been supporting a friend whose nephew had killed himself and the pair had drunk wine together.

Gill had intended to walk home but it had been raining so she got into her car and stopped to buy chips for the children.

Miss Waddington said Gill had now quit drinking and was receiving counselling.

Chairman of the bench, Mrs Marion Simon, said: “Driving a car while under the influence of alcohol is not a good thing to do.

“Doing it with two children in the back makes matters far worse.

“Had you been on your own this would have been bad but the fact that you had two small children in your car makes this situation much worse.”

Gill, of Stockwell Lane, Knaresborough, pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer and failing to provide a specimen for analysis and was banned from driving for three years, given a 12-month community order with supervision and ordered to pay 85 pounds costs.