Mischievous Elf falls off his shelf to give North Yorkshire Police a fright this Christmas

North Yorkshire Police officers were called to a home in the run up to Christmas after a worried neighbour saw a 'help' sign taped to one of its windows.

Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 4:16 pm

Concerned officers checked out the plea for assistance, only to find that the sign was actually part of an Elf of the Shelf display and that the mischievous Elf in question had actually fallen from his perch in the window.

After officers had confirmed that there was nothing untoward happening in the household, they took to Social Media to thank the caller for doing the right thing in reporting the note and urged others to follow suit and keep an eye out for their neighbours.

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A North Yorkshire Police official Tweeted: "Christmas isn’t the easiest time of year for a lot of people so when we received a call from a concerned member of the public who’d spotted a ‘Help’ note in a window of someone’s home, we quickly sent an officer to the address to check on the occupants’ welfare.

"When they arrived, they were pleased to hear from neighbours that the occupants were safe and well. It transpired that the note referred to a certain elf which was not in fact on a shelf, but had been stuck to the window and fallen off…

"This story thankfully has a happy, humorous ending and we’re so grateful to this caller for doing the right thing and ringing the police to report their concerns."

North Yorkshire Police were called out to a house which had a sign of 'help' in the window... but not all was as it would seem.

The force had a final request to make sure that everyone takes care of others this Christmas time.

"Sadly not all calls like this have such a positive outcome so please everyone keep an eye out for your neighbours, friends and family this Christmas," it Tweeted. "No one should feel alone and a friendly ‘hello’ or bit of small talk can make all the difference."