'Mindless vandals' condemned after Valley Gardens attacks

Damaged - The popular Magnesia Well Cafe in Harorgate.
Damaged - The popular Magnesia Well Cafe in Harorgate.

Harrogate Borough Council has condemned "mindless vandalism" after damage to a cafe and hut in Valley Gardens.

And the council says it will be deploying its warden patrols and CCTV cameras in an attempt to track down the culprits.

The latest incident was reported by a resident who tweeted that roof tiles had been broken at the 'hut' near the children's play area last Friday when someone climbed on the roof to 'show off' to friends.

But the incident follows several other acts of attempted break-ins and vandalism at the cafe in Valley Gardens.

Coun Andy Paraskos, the council's cabinet member with responsibility for parks, said: “This is mindless vandalism by a group of people intent on running things for others.
“We work hard to provide facilities like these and it’s upsetting when they are damaged in this way.

“We have CCTV in the area and will be checking for evidence as well as focussing park warden patrols in these parts of Valley Gardens."

Last Friday's vandalism was tweeted by a resident at around 11.30pm who saw roof tiles come crashing down from the 'hut'.

It's the second summer running the Valley Gardens has seen a spare of such incidents in the summer holidays,

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