Man hits out after getting bloody nose

A MAN arrested for disorderly behaviour claimed his actions followed an attack on him, which left him with a bloody nose, and a subsequent break-in at his home in which property was stolen and damaged.

Wayne Andrew Cawthra, 26, appeared before Harrogate magistrates on Tuesday to plead guilty to being drunk and disorderly outside his home in Mayfield Grove, Harrogate, on May 21.

Prosecutor Steven Ovenden said police had responded to a report of an assault to find Cawthra in the street, drunk and shouting and swearing.

He was threatening to attack others but after warning him about his behaviour police left the area. Twenty minutes later they were back after another call to find Cawthra maintaining his earlier behaviour and with a bloody nose and blood-stained shirt.

Mr Ovenden said Cawthra, who had refused to go to hospital for treatment, had maintained he was ‘‘going to kick someone’s head in.’’ This had led to his arrest.

The court was told that as a young man Cawthra had been no stranger to the courts with a history of public order and nuisance offences committed in both Harrogate and Ripon. But his record came to an end in 2008 although he had since received a conditional discharge. ‘‘But he is no longer a problem to the residents of Ripon and Harrogate,’’ said Mr Ovenden.

Cawthra, who was not legally represented, told presiding magistrate Lindsay Addyman he accepted he had been drunk but the reason he had acted the way he did was that he had been ‘‘beaten up outside my front door by four lads.’

A new white shirt had been ruined when he was left with a bloody nose when he was hit in the face by a beer can so he had called the police. Initially officers had let him go and he had then found three of his attackers breaking into his home and it was as a result of seeing this that he got himself arrested.

Cawthra said when he returned home from the police station he found his door off its hinges. His rent money had been stolen and property including pictures had been smashed up.

He told Mrs Addyman the police had arrested three of those thought to be responsible. Two of them had been neighbours and they had been thrown out of their accommodation.

Mrs Addyman told Cawthra the court accepted there had been ‘‘a certain amount of aggravation going on’’ which did not yet appear to have been concluded.

Because of this, and the fact that he had responded positively to an earlier conditional discharge, another would be put in place for six months. And ordering £85 costs to be paid Mrs Addyman added: ‘‘We want you to stay calm and keep on the right side of the law while this business is finished.’’