Live crime reports in online Twitter blog

Tweeting live from the North Yorkshire Police force control room. (S)
Tweeting live from the North Yorkshire Police force control room. (S)

A live crime report for the Harrogate district - featuring burglaries to rowdiness and a missing snake - has been published online by police in North Yorkshire.

Every single crime reported to police in the region featured in the 24-hour Tweet-a-Thon from last Friday, March 22.

Operators from the North Yorkshire Police force control room published a summary of every call, which included an out-of-control 18th birthday party and a very drunk man on a bicycle.

“Its fascinating see the range of calls you get in one night,” said one follower, while another, Adam Hunt, said it was a “great insight” into the varied day to day work of the police force.

“The event has received tremendous support,” said Paul Richardson of North Yorkshire Police. “We are passionate about what we do and our staff work very hard.

“The Twitter exercise has given us a chance to show just some of our work to members of the public who wouldn’t usually get the chance to see what we do.”

Over the 24 hours North Yorkshire Police received 198 emergency calls, answering 95 per cent within 10 seconds, and 727 non-emergency calls.

Across the region, police were called to youths behaving like animals in a pet shop, reports of an escaped lamb, and then an escaped snake, and an accidental 999 call from a child playing with a phone.

Below is a summary of some of the calls from the Harrogate district:

l Rowdiness at a bar in Harrogate. Officers en route.

l Man arrested following a pub fight in Harrogate.

l One man in Harrogate custody on suspicion of burglary.

l Report of youths throwing snowballs at shops in Knaresborough.

l Report of rowdy behaviour at a Harrogate supermarket. All quiet on police arrival.

l Minor collision between two cars in Harrogate. Ambulance on the scene but injuries not believed to be serious.

l Alcohol stolen from Harrogate supermarket. Officers will check CCTV to try and identify the thieves.

l Reports of a shotgun being fired near Harrogate. Officers find two men legitimately shooting on their own land.

l Protein powder stolen from Harrogate supermarket. Officers will make enquiries to identify the suspect.

l Report of criminal damage in Harrogate after a woman returns to her car to find the rear windscreen smashed.

l Report of six or seven young people throwing snowballs at passing lorries on the A59 in Harrogate.

To follow the live report, visit #poltwt.